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Water Heaters

Water Heaters

There are many different options to consider when you are installing a new water heater in your home. What size unit do we need, electric or gas, tank or tankless etc? Riverside Heating and Air Conditioning offers every type of water heater starting from an electric water heater, conventional and power vent water heaters and the very popular tankless water heaters. We offer rental, finance and purchase options so feel free to contact our team and explore the different options that we have available.

A tankless water heater may be a better option for you and your family. Offering the highest efficiency on the market, a tankless water heater will help lower your energy bills and decrease your homes greenhouse gas emissions. Only heating the water when required, you save on not having a full tank of hot water sitting in your home at all times. On a high demand, a tankless water heater will provide you with unlimited hot water where a tank style water heater only has a certain capacity (40/50 gallon). A tankless also takes up less space than a traditional tank style water heater. This equipment is able to be hung on a wall to free up more space in your mechanical room.

Being an EnergyStar product a tankless water heater may be eligible for certain rebates. Call to schedule a free, no obligations quote today and for rebate information.