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To have a healthy home it must be able to breathe. With renovations and new builds, homes today lack fresh air. The result is moisture accumulation inside the home resulting in stale air and an environment that encourages mold growth. Proper ventilation works by directing this stale and harmful air to the outside and replacing it with fresh air from the outdoors.

Experts have shown that most of the in home products purchased today were built with hundreds of types of chemicals. If you have the time, read this article (article?) about products that can create off gas. Anything purchased like furniture, flooring, paints, and cleaners can off gas and place these harmful chemicals in the air of your home. Even those nice smelling candles you burn in your home to make things smell pleasant are doing nothing but dumping nice smelling chemicals into your home. Why not make things fresh the proper way, with a professionally installed ventilation system. With a properly sized and installed Heat Recovery (HRV) or Energy Recovery (ERV) system, these poor air quality issues can be resolved. You and your family deserve healthy, clean and fresh air.